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NaturallySpeaking : Continuous Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Systems, Inc. Press Release


tm from Dragon Systems is the first affordable general purpose continuous
speech dictation product with an extensive customizable vocabulary. Users can dictate naturally
without pauses between words at 100 words per minute. NaturallySpeaking is very simple to
use - if you can use a Dictaphone, then you can use this product. Corrections can be done simply
and naturally, either immediately or at a later time, without interrupting the user's thoughts by
using a unique and direct "Select and Saytm" approach


Dragon Systems

* True Continuous
- dictate naturally and at a normal pace without pauses between words;
experienced users can expect to dictate using continuous speech at over 100
words/minute. Your spoken words appear swiftly on your computer screen.
* High Accuracy
- achieve 95% or greater accuracy with regular use and training; the most
accurate general purpose dictation product from Dragon Systems; dialects,
accents and individual pronunciations are learned quickly and automatically.
* 30,000 Word Active
- fully loaded with the most commonly used words; users can customize the
active vocabulary with the Vocabulary Builder tool; new words can be added
simply by spelling them once.
* 230,000+ Word
Back-Up Dictionary
- additional words can be retrieved by typing the first few letters of the word
during correction; dictionary contains speaker-independent acoustic and
language usage information which maximizes accurate recognition.
* Natural Spelling - spell new words naturally using normal English alphabet, "a", "b", "c", etc.
* Select and Saytm
- innovative and simple approach to correct and edit anytime - as you go, or
postpone it until later. Just say "select" followed by the word or phrase you
want to change. Then replace the selected text by saying a new word or phrase.
You can even format by saying words like "bold that".
* Dictation Shorthands - allows users to replace spoken text with other text; particularly useful with
acronyms and abbreviations which expand to full text on the screen.
* Fast & Fun Training - users spend 18 minutes reading passages from one of two popular novels.
* QuickTour & Online
Help (Multimedia)
- multimedia overview provides examples of how to dictate text, select text,
spell and format words, copy text to other applications, etc.
* Vocabulary Builder - tool which makes NaturallySpeakingtm as accurate on a user's specific topic
as having a custom built vocabulary. It reads the user's documents and builds
a custom language model based on the scanned text by automatically
adjusting and moving the set of active words from the backup dictionary.
* Pronunciation Guesser - automatically creates pronunciations for new words, and builds pronunciations
for words even is the user does not train them.



Good:Pentium 133Mhz Very Good: Pentium 166Mhz Best: Pentium 200Mhz+
(faster performance with MMX technology)

RAM Memory Minimum: 32MB Recommended: 64MB or more
Operating System Windows 95 (32MB RAM minimum)
Windows NT 3.51 or NT 4.0 (48MB RAM minimum)
Hard Disk Minimum 60 MB free hard disk space necessary
Sound Card Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or true-compatible


Pre-Release Version : $450 Cdn Available to registered users of DragonDictate Classic or Power
Edition Ver 2.5 or greater purchased prior to March 1, 1997
NaturallySpeaking Ver 1.0 : $950 Cdn Available July '97

Specifications & pricing are subject to change without notice. Dragon Systems is a registered trademark and Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a trademark of Dragon Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are of their respective owners.

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