NaturallySpeakingTM by Dragon Systems


On April 2, 1997 Dragon Systems announced a revolutionary new voice recognition product. The first of its kind, NaturallySpeaking is a true continuous speech large vocabulary voice recognition product for general dictation. Unlike any other voice recognition system, NaturallySpeaking allows for true natural language dictation on any subject.

Dragon's NaturallySpeaking will be available to all prior DragonDictate customers at preferred pricing. In fact, their beta version, available later this month, will be offered FREE to all recent purchasers of the discrete speech DragonDictate Power edition.

To learn more about this exciting brand new product, please see the press release or some additional information provided by Dragon Systems regarding NaturallySpeaking.

However, as a brief summary, the product is incredible, yet has a long way to go. Let's summarize some features of Dragon's NaturallySpeaking in comparison to their discrete speech DragonDictate products line:

Feature NaturallySpeaking DragonDictate Line
Discrete/Continuous Continuous Natural Language Discrete
Words Per Minute Over 100 Less than 100
Command and
Limited capabilities. Excellent
Dictate inside of
any window
No. Works only inside of
NaturallySpeaking's window. You must
then cut and paste, which can be done
by voice.
Able to add on
Yes Yes
Can load
with other
Cannot load simultaneously with
Cannot load
simultaneously with
No (Beta version of personal
NaturallySpeaking product expected
this month)
Yes. Currently version
2.5 with version 3.0
expected shortly.
Upgradable Yes. Dragon Classic and Dragon Power
purchasers of Version 2.5 or above are
offered a relatively inexpensive
upgrade path. Upgrade to a beta
version should be available by May
1997, and to the full version by July
1997. (For purchasers from Voice Systems
Corp. please call to discuss this offer)
Macro Capability Comes with limited macro
function. No user programmable
macros allowed, with the exception of
'text-only' macros.
Extensive macro
capabilities, including
user programmable
32-bit Application Yes, strictly Win32 No
Hardware Will run more quickly on a Pentium Pro
200. However, Pentium 133 is
satisfactory. runs slightly quicker with
Lower end Pentium is
Operating Systems Win 95, NT 3.51, NT 4.0 Win 95, NT 3.51
Vocabulary Initially laded with 30,000 words
which can be user defined.
Personal - 10,000
Classic 30,000 and
Power 60,000 words.
Adding Vocabulary Con be done electronically. Can be done, but needs
to be done individually
by voice.

System Requirements

Minimum 133MHz Pentium Processor IBM-compatible PC (faster with MMX) Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, Industry standard 16 bit sound card or built in audio systems on desktops and portables, including the Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 and other select cards. Speakers required for multimedia help system. Hard disk requirements 60 MB; Memory requirements Windows 95 32 MB; Windows NT 48 MB; includes a high-quality headset microphone.